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Protect Your Pets


If you are like us, then you love your pets! Our Residual Barrier Treatments will not harm any of your furry or feathered friends. However the spray can be toxic to some aquatic life so before we arrive please let us know if there are any fish ponds or aquariums within your yard. We will do our very best to avoid these areas and will usually note this on our treatment records.


Mosquitoes spread Heartworm

Heartworm can only be spread between pets by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites and feeds on the blood of an infected pet it ingests microfilariae. The mosquito becomes a host while the microfilariae mature. When the same mosquito bites another pet, it infects the healthy pet with heartworm larvae. The larvae make their way through the pet’s tissues and bloodstream, eventually reaching the heart and lungs where adult worms grow and reproduce.


Ticks and fleas

When you receive a residual barrier treatment from No Mosquitoes, your family or business get the added protection from ticks and fleas.

Although not the main targeted pests, ticks and fleas numbers will be reduced dramatically when they come into contact with the residual barrier spray that has been applied throughout your outdoor areas making it a safe, comfortable place to enjoy for you and your pets.

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Your complete satisfaction with our service and treatments is our main goal. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our residual barrier treatment, contact No Mosquitoes within 14 days of the treatment and we will gladly re-treat your property free of charge!

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