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EQUIP DEBUGGER PERMETHRIN INSECT SPRAY – 250ml Mosquito Clothing Treatment


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The Equip Debugger spray pack is handy to treat items that you do not want to soak, or to top up protection while you are on the go. The Debugger is a highly effective insect repellent for textiles, and helps repel mosquito and biting insects.

Permethrin is an insecticide that kills mosquitoes, bed bugs and other insects when they come in contact with materials such as mosquito nets, sleeping bag liners and clothing which have been impregnated with the substance.
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The substance adheres to synthetic and non-synthetic items. Once treated and dried, the clothing, netting or fabric emits no vapour, so is suitable for clothing, bedding, linen, sleeping bags, mosquito nets.

Spray lightly approx 40cm away, using sweeping bursts. For best results, repeat application every three months.

One bottle of Debugger spray (250ml) will treat cover 10 square metres.

Directions for use: Spray lightly from approx 40cm in sweeping bursts. Leave fabric to dry fully before using. Detailed instructions and safety directions are described in the enclosed instruction leaflet

For best results reapply every three months.




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