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A Comfortable Summer

By | 2017-04-25T04:11:36+00:00 30 November 2016|

As we ease into summer we get multiple warnings hurled at us by the media to watch out for this or be on the lookout for that. Protect your skin from the sun but get more vitamin D, exercise regularly but don’t exhaust yourself, cool off at the beach but watch out for sharks etc. etc.…
I guess I could give you another warning about not being outdoors at certain times of day to avoid mozzies and midge bites right… But no, we actually want you to get out there and enjoy that cold beer or glass of wine whilst cooking a BBQ or entertaining outdoors in the evenings, why shouldn’t you!

It’s exactly the reason we started this business, to improve people’s quality of lifestyle.
What good is thousands of dollars spent on outdoor areas if you can’t enjoy them simply because these little critters keep biting you and your family or guests? Maybe you should have just renovated the kitchen instead?

With recent advancements in chemical technology and application methods there is no longer any reason for people to have to live with mosquitoes and midge problems in their backyard. Or anywhere for that matter e.g. schools, day cares and work places.

The USA is a prime example of where residential and commercial mosquito control has become quite a regularly engaged service. Just as you would have your lawn mown, gardens taken care of or house cleaned by a service contractor, your mosquito control is also taken care of on a regular basis.
Although a new concept in Australia, these types of treatments are scientifically proven to dramatically reduce numbers of mosquitoes and biting midge in localised treated areas.

The Queensland Government have produced the Queensland Dengue Management Plan 2015-2020 (Qld Health 2015). It includes using harbourage or barrier spraying for control of Dengue vectors in northern QLD as part of its plan for outbreak control.

The Australian Army has also investigated the use of residual barrier treatments on military tent material for the protection of deployed personnel in addition to its use of residually treated DPUs. The United States Military also uses residual treatments as part of its Deployed Warfighter Protection Program.

With the onset of summer the leg slapping and cursing will begin throughout many backyards around Australia. Insect repellent and burning coils generally have more of an effect on your skin and nostrils than it does on the mosquitoes or midges.

My mission is to let Australians know that there is a rather simple, effective, and relatively inexpensive solution available to combat a very common problem. Once you try a professional treatment, such as ours from No Mosquitoes™ you won’t look back.

Stay safe 🙂

Adam Dawson,
General Manager – No Mosquitoes™