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No Mosquitoes brings professional integrated mosquito management to your business, organisation or worksite.

By eliminating biting nuisance insects from the surrounds of your site helps create a pleasant, more productive workplace for you and your staff to get work done without the constant irritation.

Customers and visitors alike can also be affected by a mosquito or biting midge issue. In fact the problem may deter people from wanting to spend any amount of time in or around your business or venue.

A negative customer experience can affect sales, reputation and ultimately your business’s bottom line.

Public Health Issues

The QLD Public Health Act 2005 and QLD Public Health Regulation 2005 interpretation of the legislation states that there is a ‘requirement that a relevant person must ensure that an accumulation of water or another liquid at a place is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The relevant person has the responsibility of making sure all ‘reasonable steps’ have been taken to ensure the place does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. ‘Reasonable steps’ could include but are not limited to emptying all containers holding water and wiping the container out, chemically or biologically treating accumulated or impounded water to prevent mosquito breeding, filling in ditches to prevent ponding of water and adding fish to ponds or water features.’

Mosquito control is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Taking the time to understand the issues and through a process of assessing, planning and treating, we can manage any situation no matter how large or small. From inner city construction to agricultural lands to urban neighbourhoods.

Much consideration to the immediate environment surrounding a particular issue or site must be carefully considered and strategies must be implemented to achieve ongoing control.

No Mosquitoes can develop a robust mosquito management program, tailored for your location, situation and budget.

What we do:

  • Inspect – Site inspection which includes surveying possible breeding sites, taking larval samples and identifying areas conducive to mosquito breeding.
  • Assess – With the information gathered from an initial site inspection we assess the level of potential social or public health risk.
  • Report and Management Plan– Provide comprehensive reports to assist in decision making for further action. Provide management plans and list recommended treatments if necessary.
  • Treatment – Carry out any treatment if necessary – Larviciding(link)/Adulticiding(link)/Barrier Treatments(link)
  • Ongoing Inspections, Reports and Treatments – Often government authorities will require from land holders or developers ongoing inspections and reports to satisfy public health regulations surrounding their site or in the case of complaints from the public, we can assist you provide a high quality duty of care in relation to the health and safety on and surrounding the site.

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Industries which have already benefited include Body Corporates Strata Titles, Large Resorts & Hotels, Restaurants with alfresco dining options, Hospitals, Campgrounds, Golf Courses, Industrial Estate Sites, Public Pools and Playgrounds, Sports Fields, Day Care Facilities, Schools, Universities, Outdoor Wedding Venues and many more..



Drone Spraying Technology has come a long way in the past 5 years. 

No Mosquitoes has teamed up with Dronework Technologies Australia and Leading Edge Aerial Technologies from the USA to offer the very best and most proven aerial mosquito larvicide application delivery system in the world. 

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Your complete satisfaction with our service and treatments is our main goal. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our residual barrier treatment, contact No Mosquitoes within 14 days of the treatment and we will gladly re-treat your property free of charge!

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